April 24, 2018

Why You Are Where You’re At…

making choicesWhy You Are Where You’re At – What does that really mean? Well, the other day I was with my Mom and we were having a conversation about something that really mattered to her (I can’t reveal the topic or I will be risking her wrath…she’s fairly private). So, I started to analyze the situation, while I was talking to her about this matter. I started to ask her a bunch of probing questions. The type of questions that you can only ask, if you know the person really well. With each answer Mom gave me, I retorted with “so you chose that, huh?” She said “yes” each time. At the end of it all, it was clear that the situation was completely self-induced.  I told Mom that too. Mom agreed. I know it was not a comfort, unfortunately. However, it did put things into perspective. I suppose there may be some sort of redeeming quality in that.

The Bottom LineEvery single situation that we are involved in; each of our circumstances either good or bad; the amount of money in your bank account or anything else you can conjure up is a result of choices that you have made.

Read that line again! Seriously, read it til it sinks in. Once it sinks in, you will start to conduct yourself differently. You will make better thought out decisions and you will effectively set yourself on the path that you really want to be on!

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The AHA Moment – If you read the page on this website entitled “The Hunny’s Chronicles”, you will learn that I used to own a bar & eatery. Ultimately, it caused a financial disaster for my lovely wife and myself. I blamed a number of people around me, including the government. This all happened about 4 years ago and it was only recently that I analyzed my own situation (the same process as the Mom scenario) and came to grips with the fact that my decisions caused the situation I’m in right now. This is a fantastic revelation for me. It’s not really a revelation but it feels like one, when the light finally goes on. AHA! It means that you have finally figured out the secret to controlling your destiny as much as possible.

“The Hunny’s Effect”

I am hereby coining a new term, ha ha! It was when thinking and analyzing the whole episode of owning the bar and what finally happened, that I had my epiphany or aha-moment or whatever you want to call it. Therefore it is now known as “The Hunny’s Effect”

The Decision I’ve Just Made – As you can see by the post count to date, this is a relatively new blog.  I made the decision last week to start this blog (I have a lot to share and I love to teach what I know, if it can help someone). I also made the decision to post to the blog at least once a day. They say (whoever the heck “they” are) it takes twenty-one days to effect change. So basically, I have to keep at this for three weeks in order for this to be habit-forming. That’s my goal: steady work and planned implementation. After the initial three weeks, I will sit down re-evaluate and revamp, if I need to.

By the way, the Hunny’s Chronicles will also be updated regularly, as time permits. If you enjoy a non-fiction story, you may enjoy our story of the bar.

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