August 4, 2020

Talk Marketing Network

Talk Marketing NetworkTalk Marketing Network

– I stumbled across this website, created by George Sepich, while doing some research for an article, in the Warrior Forum.  Firstly, I love this place and it’s a great “forum” to learn in. Basically, it’s an online tv station. It’s hard to draw a good analogy, as everyone has their own ideas and interpretations. Having said that, I think it’s like a tv station on the internet.  The main page is like the “TV Guide”, where you can see what shows will be on and at what times. Very clear and easy to understand.

Show Hosts

Each show is ran by a different marketer. They are all experts in their field. The audience can chime in, with comments that are typed through the user interface. So we can hear the host (through our computers) and they see what we type. Usually, the host has a planned agenda for his show. Except for last night’s show that is ran by Caliban Darklock. He was really tired and didn’t have the gumption to make his show outline. However, I thoroughly enjoyed his show. He winged it and can think on his feet, so you wouldn’t have really noticed.  He’s direct, knowledgeable and keeps things entertaining. I always pick up something new. Definitely worth tuning in, even if you don’t want to participate, just listen.

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The audience is smaller than a webinar and therefore the host can respond more easily to comments. As time goes on, I’m sure various shows will gain in popularity and have larger followings. There are already shows that have regular viewers. Personally, I try to catch Caliban Darklock’s show on Monday nights now. I’ve been finding that as the show progresses and he touches on different topics, I want to participate more. It really is quite addictive. At the end of it all, you laugh, make some comments (hopefully some are intelligent) and you’ve learned something.

Simple Rules

There are rules but they aren’t rules that I wouldn’t expect to see. Mainly, the rule is this “don’t be an ass”. Everyone has input and sometimes it can be crude. Which I think is great. It’s expression. We’re talking about don’t be a hater or racist, stuff like that. Things that good normal people don’t like anyway.

Special Guests

The regular hosts are already good, solid marketers (some do exceptionally well) that we can all learn from. Then every so often, there is someone not normally there who is guest appearing. Really, they are like the celebrities of the Internet Marketing world. Some of the names that have been there are John Carlton, Jason Moffatt, Jay Abraham, David Garfinkel, Willie Crawford to name a few.  Keep your eyes open, if you want to interact with some heavy hitters!


Yes, it’s all free. I think it’s amazing to be able to tap into the minds of other successful marketers for free. In general, we have that at the Warrior Forum too. Except this is organized for that purpose specifically. And at each show, you are bound to pick up something but in a leisurely kind of way. Check it out, you can find it here at Talk Marketing Now

George Sepich created this and has done a really good job with it. You’ll also see George popping in periodically in the shows. Thanks George,  really good job!


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