August 4, 2020 Product Of The Day

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I guess you can imagine how excited I was when I got the affiliate-request from E. Brian Rose (EBR). I thought to myself, holy cow EBR’s gonna promote my product  to his list, which usually means some pretty good sales and exposure.  Which was definitely the case and the sales are still trickling in, people are joining my list through Aweber. Overall, having your own products to sell is probably the best way to gain traction in this business. There are many reasons that people succeed in this business, but the one that can really make a difference is building relationships with other marketers. If you can successfully do this, then the sky’s the limit. When you need them to mail for you or joint venture on a product that you’re not so familiar with, then you’ll realize the benefits of having them on your side.

Facebook Store Builder

The product that was awarded product of the day was the Facebook Store Builder. Very cool stuff. Nice way to start off my weekend! So basically, what happened is that it drew a lot of attention because it was picked “product of the day”. EBR emailed his list, recommending the Facebook Store Builder plus a bunch of other affiliates too. All in all, I approved about 20 different affiliate marketers to promote the product. The number one affiliate was EBR. I believe he has some pretty good sized lists. Over 20 sales happened. I am not retiring off of it, but it was sure nice to see. I will be adding more and more products to the marketplace. I have tons of plr stuff on the hard drive and access to tons more through a plr membership site I belong to, Resell Rights Fortune. Under the plan I have I can download 30 different products each and every month. I highly recommend being part of a plr club. The one I’m with is brilliant and there are thousands and thousands of products for me to choose from.

More Fishing Rods In The Water

It’s just like everything else. It’s a numbers game. The more products I put out there at, the more chances of sales happening and the more chances of one of the products being “Product Of The Day”. Exactly like fishing. The more fishing rods in the water, the more chances of you catching more fish. So, my plan is to get many products on to If time permits, at least a couple a week. After a year, over one hundred products. With that many products,  do you think you’d be making some money? Just sayin’. You know, this is one of those little opportunities that doesn’t come around too often. If you set yourself up properly, you will have a system that can really pull in some decent cash. There are a few ingredients that you need, a few skills that you need to learn and the determination to make it work. I will probably make another post, kind of like a recipe for bringing in cash.

Til then, start thinking about how you can get your own fishing rods in the water to generate cash flow. Within a couple of days, I will create a post, which will outline the system I have created for myself, utilizing PLR (Private Label Rights) products and products with MRR (Master Resale Rights).



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