August 4, 2020

JV Zoo

jvzooJV Zoo Instant Affiliate Platform

– That’s right, another platform from which to make money. However, this one’s special.  It’s created by some top level marketers who are very active at ground level also. So, the product platform has been created with the knowledge of a marketer. Basically, it’s like this. “I’m going to create a system for selling products….now what do I really want this marketplace to be like, what resources do I want available etc. And that is what I’m going to create.” Seriously, who is better to create something like this other than people using systems like this everyday and seeing all their flaws and expensiveness, etc.

Hence JV Zoo was born!

I have not personally used the seller side of things yet but I have purchased a product which was using the jvzoo platform. All went seamlessly on my end. So far, what I’ve researched indicates that product vendors are also enjoying seamless usage. There are a multitude of rivals for this kind of platform. Clickbank; Warrior Plus; DigiResults and PayDotCom, to name a few. Most of them have been around for a long time, except for DigiResults. The big guy on the field is definitely Clickbank. They will feel it, for sure,when jvzoo hits their stride. There’s just too many benefits and pro’s (or whatever you want to call it) to this system, you almost have no choice but to use it, lol.

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JV Zoo Up and Running

JV Zoo is forging ahead full bore. Tons of buzz and piles of marketers looking at the platform, making comparisons and suggestions to the creators. You can see where the suggestions and questions are being asked, at the Warrior Forum Thread right here. The questions at the forum are excellent and most are being asked by marketers who know the ropes. The answers being given by the JV Zoo team are even more excellent as they are considering each question and suggestion very carefully. They are being very responsive and making changes that make sense and that people clearly would like to see. They are in the “teething stages” and are really listening! I like these guys.

Flexible Content

When I was initially made aware of the JV Zoo, it was by a very successful marketer, E. Brian Rose. If you’ve never been on a webinar with him, you’re missing out. He’s very sharp, entertaining and you will learn a lot! Anyway, he is one of the guys with an interest in this platform. His email briefly explained what kinds of products can be placed in the system.  Here are a few excerpts from EBR”s email:

“allows sellers to add any item and instantly create an affiliate program.”

“…if you are like me, then you have a hard drive full of master resale products and private label rights products. lets you add those items to the affiliate marketplace for free.  You can add a buy now button to a site or blog post you create, or use JVZoo’s instant sales page creator and host the page there.”

“There is no charge to add a product.  A small percentage is deducted from each sale.  However, if you think you will be making a ton of sales on a product, you can choose a one time flat fee, instead of a percentage.”

“Affiliate payments are instant.  You get paid direct to your PayPal account on every sale, not every other sale, like other platforms.  Also, there are no PayPal fees for affiliates. You get the full commission deposited into your PayPal account.”

Awesome Benefits

Have a look at the JV Zoo platform for yourself. Compare the various services right here, using this handy chart. You will soon see why many of these established platforms will have to tighten up their games. I feel many of them have been resting on their laurels, soaking in the cash, using the system they created a long time ago.  The JV Zoo Team are fresh, listening intently and responsive. It’s what us marketers need!



  1. Thanks so much Tony for your review and your thoughts on the platform. You’re right in the fact we built this thing from the standpoint of what we’d want to have as marketers first and now have our ears open to the crowd for suggestions and features they are looking for! Give people what they want and they’ll use it was our mindset from the start.

    We recently introduced a new feature you will want to log into your account and take a look at:) You’ll see it under the “Exciting Announcement” link as soon as you log in. You’ll like it when you see it.

    Thanks again and thanks for spreading the word!

    Bryan Zimmerman

    • Brian, thank you for commenting. You are the very first comment on Hey, thank you guys for choosing one of my products as product of the day. It was a great surprise!



  2. This is a VERY nice system you have put together! To really knock it out of the park though adding an alternative like AlertPay would be super awesome!

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