August 4, 2020

How To Get Your WSO To Sell!

How To Get Your WSO To SellHow To Get Your WSO To Sell –

The Warrior Forum, in my opinion, is probably the best single resource anywhere to learn about Marketing in general and specifically online marketing. There are many great resources within the forum and many great minds that have created those resources. If you learn the ropes, you can make an incredible living just from that forum. If you were told “You’re not allowed to earn any money anywhere, except for the Warrior Forum”, you could do it, no problem. There are actually some marketers who are pulling down mid six figures (actually there’s a couple of marketers who are pushing 7 figures, believe it or not) a year just from selling WSO’s and services inside the Forum. I’ve had conversations with some of these marketers and there are some key ingredients required to make this happen.

My First WSO

This was an incredible experience for me on a couple of levels.  I learned so much by doing this that I wanted to share it. I hope you can get some good insight here, that you can use when you launch your own WSO.

I was really blessed to have the help of another marketer, Tom Ness. Tom’s a very bright, young marketer. I believe he is in his early twenties. However, he is wise beyond his years. I got the benefit of his marketing savvy and his know-how within the forum, as he has launched and made money from many WSO’s.

My first product was a recorded interview on how to make a product. There are 2 bonuses that go with the product; a mindmap of the process and a transcript of the interview. We priced it at $4.95. Believe it or not, it didn’t do so well. I sold under 20 copies and most of those were buyers from Tom’s email list.

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The Process & The Relationshipunderground marketer sessions

It was the knowledge, experience and the relationship I made with Tom that is the “big win” in this for me. I also believe Tom feels the same way. Every new friendship or ally you gain in this business will further your goals and ultimately your career online. We all really do need each other. The next time I make a product, I will ask Tom if he will mail his list for me, as an affiliate of course, and I’m sure he will. We will both make money. Since then, I have made friendships with other marketers also. They will get the same “Can you promote for me?” email. Can you see the power of relationships now?

Now, I can launch another WSO on my own, as I’ve learned the process. It’s actually not that hard. A wee bit technical but nothing you can’t handle.  🙂

Time For Some Analysis

After everything settled and I had sort of ran as far as I could with this, it was time to sit down and troubleshoot. Here’s a cliche for you “we move forward by looking back at our mistakes” and learning from them. But it’s very true, this old adage. So, I went back and analyzed everything to see where I could’ve improved.

  • Social Proof  I didn’t have any. One of the best ways to sell a product or service, is to have other people sell it for you,  by way of testimonials. When people see or read that other people have looked at or used your product, and they rave about it and seem so happy to have found your product, they are getting convinced to pull out their credit card. When they see a lot of it, then they start to think to themselves “Hey…what am I missing out on? I better get me some!” So, right now I am in the process of getting the social proof for the product and then, when everything is right, I will relaunch it. Click Underground Marketer Sessions to see the WSO thread. I am presently giving out some review copies (at the time of writing). I only need 3 or 4 more. So, if you want a free copy, in exchange for a review, email me fast!
  • Credibility Again, I didn’t have a whole lot of it within the forum (outside of the forum, I have lots of it 🙂 ) So, how do you get it? Well, the best way within the forum, is to get active. Start making useful and helpful posts. When I post, I don’t just say something like “Good point man”, and leave it at that. I will go in depth a bit and tell them why I liked or disliked what they had to say. If someone asks a question about a topic I know, I will definitely give them a solid answer. Seriously, get your post-count up and if you are making good and helpful posts, people will thank you. Those thank-you’s also show up as a count.  People like to buy from people who don’t look like they’re just out to take money. They want to see that you’re a good and knowledgeable person, who helps and contributes.
  • The Money Is In The List  This is something else that you hear all the time. But it is so true. So, even though you keep hearing it and are starting to get desensitized to it. Grab a hold of the idea and start to build a list. When you have your own list, you can promote your stuff to them or other people’s stuff, as an affiliate. I am not going to get into the whole list-building methodology here, right now. I will make another post about it, but look to the right of my page and see the Free Course I am giving away. This is “List-Building 101”. In short, I have been building a list steadily since I created the product and when I re-launch it, I will get more sales just by promoting to my list!
  • Relationship Building  I already mentioned this one, but it’s worthy of a re-cap. Go out there, make friends on forums, post on other peoples blogs, get known and be helpful. Once you have established yourself and build a good reputation, your life is going to get sweeter.  Always remember to give and then give some more. It will come back to you in ways you won’t imagine.

I believe these are the key factors that will cause your WSO to become a smashing success! Hey, let’s not forget the obvious things too, though. Like make a good product, that really does have value and get professional graphics done. Also, good ad-copy. There are so many resources that can teach you about ad-copy, for free. So there really are no excuses!

Best of Luck on your WSO’s.

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