August 4, 2020

Facebook Store Builder

Facebook Store BuilderFacebook Store Builder

– I received the usual sales pitch email that I always get from this particular marketer but the headline “got me”. Soooo, I end up reading his email, then a little bit of research and then I purchased the Facebook Store Builder. Usually, when I purchase, it’s from marketers that I respect and really like. Marketers who pitch but also give some good free stuff, will have my business. I feel a little bit indebted to them because of the free stuff! I also know that many of these guys (I’m on a few lists) are already very wealthy, but I like that. It tells me that they really know what they’re doing and I can learn from them! A couple of marketers who you will see me mention periodically are Brad Gosse and E. Brian Rose (EBR). Two very talented marketers, who are also cool dudes (can you tell what era I’m from?) Anyhoo, here’s the skinny on my purchase: The guy who I bought from is not in the same category as Brad or EBR but I bought anyway as I felt the product was worthy!

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Doubt Sets In

Okay, I have the Facebook  Store Builder. It comes with two tutorial videos and the software. I watched the vids and I’m thinking “It’s too damn easy!”. So, I go ahead and use the software, which generates an html script. That was simple. Then I follow the instructions in Video 2, how to install it into Facebook. I follow all the steps and run into trouble. I can see what it is supposed to look like when I hit the “preview” button, but I can’t get it to work for the normal view. Incidentally, you need to check the normal view through someone else’s account. In my case, I used my daughter in law’s account to see what it should look like. I tried this and that and then this and then that. I decided to call it a night was now 1:20 am (In all fairness, I did start to use the software late. It’s not like I was at it all day).  I usually get up around 6 am, to help the wifey and daughter get ready for work and school (I make lunch for my daughter and prepare some fruit for Jacquie etc. etc.). Needless to say, I went to bed, but frustrated and doubtful.

Troubleshooting & Solution

Next day…I did my morning wife/daughter duties. Rushed down to my computer to, once again, confront the problem. So far, I followed the instructions to a “T”. So this time, I decided to start experimenting. Within 15 minutes,  BINGO! It worked. A very simple solution. There’s a few settings at the top of the Facebook screen where you install the script. One of the check-boxes is “No Scrollbars”. The instructions tell you to check it. If you do check it and it works, fantastic! If it doesn’t work, then uncheck it as I’ll bet you, that’s the problem. Not a biggie, just frustrating. But that’s what computers and scripts and the internet do. There are so many compatibility issues. Actually, if you really think about it, ITS A BLOODY MIRACLE THAT THE INTERNET WORKS AT ALL. 10 Gazillion miles of wires and satellites and servers and switches and power bars, lots of power bars, lol and Google and Facebook are at the hub of it all. It’s nuts! But somehow, by the Grace of God, it works!!!

Master Resell Rights

Once it started working, I started to think about how cool this product really is. So, I went back to the OTO (one time offer, lol…but I was able to go back to it, 2 days later….hmmmm….) and I purchased the Master Resell Rights. What does this mean? Well, basically it means that I have the rights to sell the Facebook Store Builder now. That’s how cool I think it is. Now that I’ve ironed out that glitch, it will literally take 5 minutes to get one Facebook Store up and running.  The only difference that I did that wasn’t in the video was I put the store on an existing Fan Page called Diets That Work Now. What I’m going to do is put up a half dozen of these Facebook Stores and see which ones make some money. Then I will concentrate on the niches of the winners, maybe get real specific (drill down) and get lazer-targetted traffic. That’s what’s best for conversions, the myopic buyer!

Sidenote: Once you have your fan page or business page up and running, it will have a butt ugly url.The first one you get on your account will be pretty, the rest will suck. (Facebook allows you to have a pretyy url, easily, but only for your first fanpage. The rest have a weir combination of numbers etc.) You need to get 25 likes in order to lift the curse of the shitty looking url. That part is easy. Ask your friends to help out or join a group where they specialize in liking pages (in exchange you must like their pages back) or go over to and pay 5 bucks and get someone to get you 25 likes. There, real simple!


So now what? I’ve got my Facebook Store up and running, I’ve purchased the Master Resell Rights and I’m happy. I study the contents of the Master Resell Rights Kit and it’s bare bones. It has a website and the license that explains my rights and that’s it. Now, if I want to sell Master Resell Rights to my buyers, I’ll need a separate sales page for that. So, I went ahead and created a separate sales page for the OTO, as the Master Resell Rights that I will be selling is a One Time Offer, which they can probably come back to 2 days later as well, lol.

I went ahead and uploaded everything to my new favorite platform, the JVZOO platform and yes, I am offering the Resell Rights too. So, I have my second sales page all set up and ready to take orders and I’ve also included that second sales page in the whole package that I’m selling.  You can check out everything here at Facebook Store Builder

I think it’s going to be neat to see what we can make of this one. Perhaps we should do a challenge. How many can we create in 30 days or something. The worst that will come out of it, is that you might make some pretty good cash!

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