April 24, 2018

Do I Need a Favicon?

Niwika Publishing FaviconThis is the Niwika Publishing Favicon. I’m sure you noticed that but…just in case. 🙂  The answer to the question “Do I Need a Favicon?” is a resounding, absolutely! There are a few great benefits and they really do add up to mean a lot for your website or blog.

  • Branding – The first and probably largest benefit is branding. Just like cattle branding is used to identify who owns the cattle by creating a distinguishable design, physically on the animals, branding in business creates the same net result. It is an identifier. When branding is done properly, as soon as the design is seen by someone, they know who it is or what the product is. McDonald’s is one of the best branded businesses with their Golden Arches, as an example or Google and their colourful lower case “g” as their Favicon.
  • Bookmarking – When someone decides to bookmark your website, the web address ends up in their favorites folder. Sometimes buried amidst all the other bookmarked properties. You need to stand out. That is why I chose this very colorful “N” as the Favicon for Niwikapublishing.com. Go ahead and bookmark this website, then go into your favorites folder and have a look for yourself.  I think it stands out pretty well. Everything is a work-in-progress, so as I think up something better, I will implement it.
  • Shortcuts – Many people like to have their favorite websites right on the desktop of their computers. I noticed this especially with older folks who do use computers and enjoy the internet. My Mom, as an example, is always asking me or my brother, Derek, to create shortcuts on her desktop for her. It just makes her life easier and ultimately means less tech-support phone calls to me, lol. You can still create your shortcut on the desktop without the website having a custom Favicon but the logo on the desktop will simply be the default browser icon. It will just be a bit harder to locate if all the icons on the desktop look the same. Stand out from the sea of icons with your own custom Favicon!

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Easy To Create– There really is no reason to not have one today.  They are so easy to create, especially if you already have the design made. What you have to do is turn your design into a file with an .ico extension. Also remember that the size of the Favicon can’t be any bigger than 16 x 16 px. It’s even easier if you use one of these free tools:

Today many people are using WordPress as their chosen CMS (Content Management System) and for good reason. Because of the open source architecture, many developers create widgets, plugins and themes for WordPress. So, once you have your Favicon ready to go, enter your WordPress dashboard and scroll down to plugins. From there you will follow the procedure of adding a new plugin. Simply search the repository for the term….you guessed it, Favicon. The array of choices is staggering. Apparently, many developers do recognize the need for Favicons on your WordPress website!

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