August 4, 2020 Product Of The Day Product Of The Day I guess you can imagine how excited I was when I got the affiliate-request from E. Brian Rose (EBR). I thought to myself, holy cow EBR’s gonna promote my product  to his list, which usually means some pretty good sales and exposure.  Which was definitely the case and the sales […]

Talk Marketing Network

Talk Marketing Network – I stumbled across this website, created by George Sepich, while doing some research for an article, in the Warrior Forum.  Firstly, I love this place and it’s a great “forum” to learn in. Basically, it’s an online tv station. It’s hard to draw a good analogy, as everyone has their own […]

JV Zoo

JV Zoo Instant Affiliate Platform – That’s right, another platform from which to make money. However, this one’s special.  It’s created by some top level marketers who are very active at ground level also. So, the product platform has been created with the knowledge of a marketer. Basically, it’s like this. “I’m going to […]

How To Get Your WSO To Sell!

How To Get Your WSO To Sell – The Warrior Forum, in my opinion, is probably the best single resource anywhere to learn about Marketing in general and specifically online marketing. There are many great resources within the forum and many great minds that have created those resources. If you learn the ropes, you can […]