August 4, 2020

Brad Gosse – Interview

Brad Gosse InterviewBrad Gosse Interview – Branding Yourself

Awhile ago I was planning on an interview series. I would interview people in a certain niche, and in this case it was internet marketing. It could’ve been any niche and there are other niches that I do work in, but for some reason I decided on  internet marketing. One of the people I interviewed was Brad Gosse. I am very fortunate to live less than an hour away from Brad.  I’ve had coffee with Brad at his local Starbucks a couple of times and I’ve learned a lot from Brad each time we’ve met.

Tom Ness

It was actually another marketer, Tom Ness,  who put me on to the whole idea of interviewing successful people. I came across a thread on the Warrior Forum that was started by Tom and I responded to one of the posts by Tom. We chatted and ended collaborating on a project, called the “Underground Marketer Sessions” Basically, I interviewed marketers and got them to spill the beans on topics that aspiring marketers really need answers to. Tom was my first interview and it was brilliant. He has such a vast knowledge of marketing online, that I was amazed when the interview was over and reflecting on the content. Thanks Tom!

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Brad Gosse

Brad was my next interview and I’m going to share this one with you today. Brad Gosse is such an interesting person that I really wanted to have him be part of this project. Brad is the real deal. He is a 7 figure earner from Internet Marketing. Few can claim this, relatively speaking. I left the topic of the interview up to Brad. He felt that “branding yourself” was a worthy topic. It was one of those things that I never really thought about. But after the interview was over, I was like, DAMN….did I ever miss the boat. I was very appreciative of Brad sharing with me on the interview as it gave me fantastic content for my project, plus I learned something amazingly valuable!

Here is the interview. Enjoy!:

I am sure you can see why I was elated when Brad agreed to give me the interview. I hope you can use this info. in your marketing endeavors. Especially if you’re planning to make a name for yourself in your niche. You must differentiate yourself within the pack. Another marketer I am hoping to get for an interview is E. Brian Rose. I’ve approached him a few times and the last time he told me to pm (private message) him in the Warrior Forum. The bigger marketers are so busy and get hit on so much, they won’t bite at most interview requests. Understandably so! How could they? Or that would be all that they would be doing….giving away free interviews….nonsense!  They need to know that you are serious and genuine and will use the content properly.

Branding Yourself

In the final analysis, branding yourself is absolutely essential, isn’t it? You must be way more calculating about it, than you think…if you want to be a dominant force in your niche. If you don’t plan out your branding campaign, then you’re basically allowing the world wide web to brand you, the way it feels like branding you. You could very well end up looking like a schmuck! Bottom line, control how you’re branded by making a plan, or be branded, however it happens, however it makes you look, by not having a plan.  Take the advice in the Brad Gosse interview, to get to the next level. Believe what he says…he earns large, practicing what he preaches!

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