August 4, 2020

Best Autoresponder – Review

Best Autoresponder - Review AweberBest Autoresponder – Review of Aweber.

Recently, I decided to upgrade my autoresponder service. This meant I had to do a fair bit of research. I was using a service that is owned by a fellow on the Warrior Forum. I paid something like $60 one time and it is good for life. Very inexpensive but hey, you get what you pay for, right? I won’t mention the name here as I don’t want to hurt anyone’s business. The issue I had was deliverability. I don’t believe all of my emails were getting to their intended destinations. And if they did break through and got into the recipients email accounts, more often than not, it would be in the spam folder. Needless to say, most of my email campaigns were not successful.

Aweber or Getresponse?

So, my choices weren’t difficult to make. I was looking at either Aweber or Getresponse. I think it’s fair to say that these are probably the two most popular Autoresponder services. I ended up choosing Aweber. If you sign up to my list over here to the right, you will see for yourself how the Aweber process works. You’ll see it is smooth and quick.  I didn’t go too in depth at what the Getresponse format offered because once I discovered all that is offered inside Aweber, I was pretty much sold. The user interface is very ergonomic and well laid out.

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Over 100 Designs & Split Testing

There are well over a hundred different designs for the forms, all super professional in appearance, shapes and size choices galore. There’s just so much available, it’s mind-boggling. Even slide in forms and light boxes. There is absolutely no excuse for not having the look and feel you want. Once you’ve made your form, if you are still not a 100% sure then the system also has the ability to do split-testing. It will alternate between the 2 forms and later you can check your reports to see which one is working out better for you. Very cool stuff!

A Lot of Value

Pricing is also right on the money too. It’s a monthly amount that starts at $19 for up to 500 subscribers. The amount goes up as you get more subscribers but hey, if you’ve got a lot of subscribers then you’re making money. The general rule of thumb, is that you earn approximately $1 per subscriber per month. Some marketers have lists so huge, if they play their card right, they could pull in crazy cash. If memory serves correctly, Eben Pagan has lists that are approaching a million (don’t hold me to that number, but I am pretty sure about that). If his lists follow our little rule of thumb, it’s like winning the lottery every month. Cha-Ching!

Fantastic Aweber Support

I am very pleased with my decision to use Aweber. Oh, one more thing. Of course there is a learning curve with anything new, right? Well, I had to use the support ticket system to get some answers and I must say they were right on top of it. They got back to me quickly and had me sorted out in no time. Those types of things make it all worthwhile. Overall, a top notch-service with excellent support and with a very sharp appearance. I wasn’t overly happy with the look of my old autoresponder service. Everything is now the way it should be on this site. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to you! One more cool thing is that you can try them out for one dollar.  I like that there’s no risk.

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