April 24, 2018

Benefits of WordPress

Benefits Of WordPressWhy Use WordPress?

The benefits of using WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System) are many and will create a long list.  If you’ve done any research at all, then you know that WordPress is probably the most common framework that blogs are built on. There are literally dozens of other blogging systems available, yet WordPress continues to be the dominant force in the blogging world. Let’s have a closer look at why so many have chosen this route, including myself. Yes, niwikapublishing.com is a WordPress blog and fyi, runs on the Genesis Framework, created by Sudiopress.

Free and Open Source Software

This means that the product has been licensed in a very loose and generous way. It is licensed by GNU General Public License. It’s fee to use and modify and improve by anyone. What this has done is created a forum whereby people are steadily working on the product/project to improve it. Those that work on it are doing it from the heart; a labor of love, if you will. Further, because of it’s popularity, there is no shortage of help available.

Plugins and Themes

Once you have your new blog installed on your web hosting, it’s time to choose your theme and plugins. There are literally thousands and thousands to choose from. As WordPress is steadily improved, there are new versions which are released. At the time of writing, the version is 3.2.1 and the stock theme that is installed, is called Twenty Eleven 1.2, which is a basic and clean looking theme. However, feel free to browse the WordPress repository or surf the net for different themes. When searching the net for different themes, however, be careful of getting a bad theme. A bad theme is a theme that has some embedded code in it (often times, the footer). The code could be simply a form of spam, linking to an affiliate program or more seriously, a malicious code which can do damage to your site. Most themes are okay but when in doubt, do your research. Or to really play it safe buy a theme from a reputable source, like Studiopress.

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This is definitely one of WordPress’s big strengths. Because of the structure of WordPress it can be made to receive a lot of Google love, commonly out-ranking non-Wordpress sites. Here are the key factors as to why:

  • Permalinks – permalinks are url’s directly to your articles or posts. When set up properly, the permalink can contain the exact keyword/s that you want, thus giving you that extra seo boost.
  • Tags – tags are keywords that you can add into each post on your site. If you have a post about WordPress (like this one) then some tags you will want to use are wordpress, seo, how to build a website, blogging, blog, seo friendly web site etc. This will make each article found for multiple keywords.
  • Categories – categories are another way of sorting your content. It enables your content to be found in multiple ways. Organization is good for seo. The easier you make it for the search engines to navigate your site the better marks they give you. Also, it makes indexing your site quicker and more efficient. Keep the Big G happy with a tidy web site…which leads us to our next point…
  • Sitemaps – Every site should have a sitemap. WordPress makes this a snap via a plugin. The sitemap tells the search engines exactly what you have on your site and therefore the site gets indexed quicker and accurately.
  • Internal Linking Structure – This is also important for seo purposes. Inside your site you can control your anchor text quite easily. Anchor text is simply the keyword/s you want to rank for. Eg. If the keywords I am trying to rank for is Easy WordPress Installation then I would hyperlink that phrase, which would point to another post that I could make about the ease involved in installing WordPress. On page seo is also very important.
  • Pinging – I simply a method of letting certain websites and search engines know that you have updated your website. Each time you update or add a new post the search engines get pinged. You can choose which sites get pinged through the dashboard. The default site is pingomatic.com, when you do a fresh install of WordPress.

In a nutshell, you are getting a powerful, extremely well supported platform that is really easy to get the hang of. Absolute and total newbs can learn how to get a WordPress site up and running in an afternoon, following a good tutorial. Who would’ve thought that with no knowledge of coding or ftp, one can put together a website that can rival the big boys? Awesome stuff!

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