August 4, 2020

About Niwika Publishing

Tony Brayley - Opinionated BastardHere we are on the “About” page. I really don’t like calling this, the “About” page, but what else am I going to call it? It’s one of those things that bugs me, like I sold out or something. If I think of something better, I will be changing this page’s name.

Okay, so let’s get on with it. What is Niwika Publishing about, and how did I get the name? Both are good questions.  Hopefully these answers are satisfying enough for you. First off, Niwika is a derivative of my children’s names. Nicholas, William & my pumpkin…I mean Karlee. Can you see it? I actually, registered the domain a couple of years ago, but only started to use it seriously, of late.  I did have it in use with a really simple WordPress theme that I never updated. So now it’s going to get some real use! I know the name may seem like… cliché, but…whatever.

Now, what’s this website/blog all about, really. Well, I am a realtor near Toronto, Canada and as such, I have a real estate website/blog. It’s good for business to have a website when you sell houses.  Except for when you start to make posts and add content that reflects your opinions and ideas (musings) that don’t relate to real estate. I was finding that was happening a bit here and there. The thing is this, people that go to a real estate website, are there for real estate not to hear the ramblings and musings of a person who has a bit to say and an opinion about a lot of stuff. Not all of my opinions are widely enjoyed, but hey, they’re my opinions. So, I’ve created this website so that I can rant, rave, be opinionated, teach and mostly to share. There are folks who do appreciate some of the things I have to say. Hopefully you are one of them.

Through, I now have a forum where I can really spill my guts and speak freely on anything I want to (with certain reasonable limits). If you have any questions or would like me to review a certain product, talk about a particular topic etc. etc., don’t ever hesitate to shoot me an email

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